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How to Choose a Slow Cooker

How to choose a slow cooker that’s perfect for your needs! Simplify your life by slow cooking!How to Choose a Slow Cooker

Today, let’s talk about how to choose a slow cooker! You may be brand new to slow cooking, looking to improve your game, or even just ready to invest in a new machine that meets all your needs. Here you’ll find all the basics to consider when deciding which slow cooker is right for you!

1. What size slow cooker do you need?

This will generally depend on how many people you cook for and how many leftovers you like to have. My rule of thumb is this:

2 people = 2-3 quart slow cooker

How to Choose a Slow Cooker

4 people = 4-6 quart slow cooker

How to Choose a Slow Cooker

6 people = 7-8 quart slow cooker

How to Choose a Slow Cooker

2. What features do you need?

Are you away from home during the day? a programmable slow cooker will be a life saver.

{Note: Never use a separate timer plugged into your slow cooker for a delayed start. A programmable slow cooker is designed to start cooking the food right away for the number of hours you set. It will then switch to warm and hold food at a safe temperature until you are ready to eat}

How to Choose a Slow Cooker

Want to minimize dishes? try a multi-cooker, it sautés and slow cooks all in one pot. Some even bake and make rice! I use mine almost on a daily basis. My poor stove hardly ever gets used anymore.

How to Choose a Slow Cooker

3. Will you be using it at home or taking it on the go?

If you like to take your slow cooker along to parties or pot-lucks, there are some really good options out there for travel slow cookers.

I love how the lid latches tight on this one and the size is good for taking along chili or meatballs to a gathering.

How to Choose a Slow Cooker

4. Do you love casseroles, but hate waiting for the oven to heat up an then another 30-60 minutes for them to cook after a long day at work?

Casserole Slow Cookers are fairly new and kind of life-changing. You can make everything from enchiladas, lasagnas and traditional casseroles to meatballs and dips. They also work well for taking along to parties!

They come in a small and large size so you can choose what works best for you (I have both!). There is also a programmable version for when you want the food to cook while you are away.

How to Choose a Slow Cooker

That’s it for today on the very basics of choosing a slow cooker! Next up, some actual cooking how to’s, common questions, and how to fix common problems. So, be sure to leave me your questions so that I can make sure that they get addressed!! Let me know, was this helpful?

And, what is your favorite slow cooker?



  1. Hello,
    I am enjoying your recipes.
    I need recipes for the Casserole Crockpot, of which I have two of them.
    I have used them for crowd cooking to keep Mac’ n Cheese, and Scalloped Potatoes on ” warm” after taking the casseroles out of the oven. But the recipe book that came with them is not appetizing, and more for tuna-noodle-soup-type cooking.
    I want recipes more from scratch, along with times needed for the cooking. For example, your slow-cooker beef pot roast calls for 8 to 9 hours on low setting, in a 6.5 qt Crockpot. How long would that recipe take in a Casserole Crockpot?
    Thank you, and I hope to learn from you how to better utilize my Crockpot Casserole.

  2. I currently use a ninja 4 in 1. It’s basically a multi cooker that has a oven, steam, stove top and slow cooker setting. I really love it. I have been considering upgrading. I need an 8qt, currently have a 6qt.

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